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Shaker Cup



Can you guess it? YES!!! We have finally released the best shaker cups! With brand-new features and an incredible look, it will become your new gym buddy! Change the way you train. Our brand new design shaker has MORE CAPACITY AND BETTER MATERIAL than the last one.

As you want to increase your performance, you might need to take Limitless Pharma supplements. That is when you will need a shaker bottle, and ours is a total GAME CHANGER!

Our supplements were created to provide exactly what your body needs to grow bigger and stronger. Consume them easily in your daily routine using your Limitless Pharma Shaker Cup. Perfectly mixing your drinks thanks to the new ACTIONROD TECHNOLOGY, it will be an indispensable accessory for your workouts. This has been consciously designed to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve their goals, recover and build their muscles faster.

Maximum capacity: 828ml (28oz)