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Get Going Before You Get Started

One of the best feelings in the world is finishing an incredible workout. The kind of workout that you know made changes to your body. That feeling starts at the moment you finish your first rep and stays with you the rest of your day. And still, as amazing as we know it’s going to feel at the end, it can sometimes be hard to find that energy and enthusiasm at the beginning.

Mind Your Muscles

We've all had a day or two in the gym where we spent more time wandering around than working out. Sure we showed up with the best intentions, but for whatever reason we just weren't dialed in that day. When you're training hard there's a muscle-mind connection at work that's more important than you may realize. If you're not mentally focused, you can be sure your physical results are suffering because of it.

A Better Way to Work Out

Take P.P.K.™ 30 minutes before you workout and experience an entirely new way of training. The first thing you'll notice is your immediate desire to start lifting something heavy. Thinking about skipping leg day? One serving of P.P.K.™ will squash that thought in a heartbeat. Powerful nootropics initiate acute alertness and hyper-intensity so that you can focus on the only thing that matters, getting the best workout you can.