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Cyto Greens


Ultra-Concentrated Premium Green Superfood
CYTOGREENS represents a revolution in the way you deliver nutrients to your body. As a truly GREEN formula, 80% of the CYTOGREENS formula is our nutrient-rich, exclusive, Green Performance Matrix, designed to help you achieve optimal physical performance. CYTOGREENS is a lecithin-free product with double the amount of green ingredients as other so-called "green" supplements on the market today, and is specifically developed for highly active people who demand more from their bodies.

How Does CYTOGREENS Enhance Performance and Recovery?
Clinically validated in 2 human performance studies, CYTOGRRNS increases muscle perfusion and microcapillarization. Stated more simply, it increases the ability for the body to move lactic acid out of the muscle where it is recycled by the liver as more fuel in the form of glucose. This reduces soreness, increases muscle performance and maximizes endurance.

Key Benefits of CYTOGREENS
  • Ultra-Potent ORAC-Listed Anti-Oxidants
  • High-Density, Chlorophyll-Rich Nutrients
  • Filler-Free
  • 100% Lecithin-Free
  • Ingredient Amounts That Matter
  • True Bio-Availability