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Iso-Smooth 2lb

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The Past, Present, and Future of Protein.

Protein – a word synonymous with strength, power, and physique. We look for it on labels. We worry when it’s missing. These days, food manufacturers are adding it to everything they produce and slapping giant stickers on the front of their packages, “Now With Protein!” And yet somehow it seems, as its popularity is soaring, its quality is not. Quite the opposite in fact. Indeed, protein is everywhere – and so much of it is absolutely awful.

So what are we to do in a time when the performance athlete’s most coveted supplement has become nothing more than marketing ploy…

This is Iso-Smooth™. The past, present, and future of protein.

It’s All About the Isolate.

Protein is almost everywhere. But performance-level whey protein isolate for performance-level athletes is only in Iso-Smooth™. Whey protein is created when the components of milk are mechanically separated.

This whey protein can be further processed to yield three forms: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolysate. The difference between these three forms is their percentage of pure protein.

Of the three, whey protein isolate contains the highest percentage – a purity that can claim to be free of sugar, fat, cholesterol, and free of lactose.

After one serving of Iso-Smooth™ you’ll understand why not all protein is created equal.