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Blade PM

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Burn Fat While You Sleep. Yes, Really.

Under the right conditions, your body can burn an enormous amount of fat while you sleep. Blade PM™ creates those conditions for you.

Fat-Burning Shouldn’t Keep You Up at Night.

If you’re in the majority of people, you’re not even close to getting the kind of sleep you should be getting. This boosts your cortisol levels and cripples your insulin sensitivity. And when this happens, burning fat is a lot harder than it needs to be.

Burning Fat can be Hard. Blade PM™ Makes it Easier.

Use Blade PM™ one hour before sleep to experience three distinct fat-burning benefits.

  1. Blade PM™ suppresses your appetite to reduce the late-night cravings and midnight snacks often responsible for rapid-onset weight gain
  2. Blade PM™ improves the quality of your sleep, encouraging better fat-burning throughout the night and into the next morning
  3. Blade PM™ gives your fat-burning pathways a stimulant-free boost that maximizes fat-burning potential without interrupting your natural sleep cycle

7 Nights a Week. 365 Nights a Year.

A lot of fat-burning supplements out there expect you to change your entire life for them. Your fat-burner should work for you, not the other way around. Blade PM™ is the only three-stage night time fat-burner for men that asks nothing more from you than 30 seconds of your time, an hour before you go to sleep.

Faster Fat-Burning is Here. Start Tonight!