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Lose Sweat, Not Performance.

Final second. Final set. Final yard. Gasping for air and dripping with sweat.
You’ve practiced. Planned. Prepared. But none of that matters - if your body isn’t ready.

AminoFast - Drink it During Your Workout.

AminoFast is the go-to intra-workout elite athletes use to shatter their personal bests.


Because AminoFast has fast-acting, long-lasting carbohydrates, branched chain amino acids, and electrolytes that provide you with the energy your body needs to conquer even the most grueling workouts.

AminoFast also has clinically-researched ingredients that you just won’t find in a corner store sports drink. Now you can train at 100%, and stay that way - without risky stimulants and the uncertainty that comes with them.