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I did more in the last 90 days than I've done in the previous 9 years. Thank you for showing me what I thought was never possible.

Sean G., Guelph

I'm not sure what excites me more... the fact that my body is getting better every day, or the fact that I might win a trip because of it!

Paul M., Cambridge

I believe! Haha. Honestly, it's incredible how convinced I am. Less than three months ago I would've never believed this was possible.

Tiffany R., Kingston

There are a few things I've done in my life that I know I'll never stop being proud of - this might be at the top of that list.

Ellen F., Barrie

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It's a little vain, I know, but I can't stop staring... at myself. Whatever, I earned it. Haha. Thank you so much!

Bradley W., Guelph