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This Is Not A Diet

Week 1 - Week 13

Name the last diet that didn’t become impossible to follow the moment you walked out your front door. Name the last diet that didn’t end in anger, frustration, and total disappointment. See? Diets don’t work. But nutrition plans do. So what’s the difference?

Primer Phase

Week 1 - Week 4

The first four weeks of the Body Systems Transformation Challenge consist of the Primer Phase. A starting point in this 90 Day challenge. Here you will figure out your starting weights, mix in some HIIT cardio training, rest a little more between sets, and squeeze out a few more reps.


Week 1 - Week 4

Ever wonder why marathon runners look small and soft, yet sprinters are ripped and muscular? High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the reason why. HIIT is a big metabolic step up compared to steady state cardio.

Metabolic Switch

Week 5 - Week 8

Welcome to the Metabolic Switch, a 4 week program designed to not only step up your training from the Primer Phase, but to increase the rate in which your body burns fat and builds muscle.

Metabolic Conditioning Circuits

Week 5 - Week 8

Are you ready to be left gasping for air with a drenched shirt and a metabolic rate that will strip off body fat 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week? Metabolic Conditioning Circuits are a powerful alternative to traditional steady state and HIIT cardio.

Final Phase Fat Loss

Week 9 - Week 12

The last month is here, and it’s time to once again, step it up. This program combined with Metabolic Abs will give you everything you need to reach Peak Week; our last step to get you ready to take your “after photos”.

Metabolic Abs

Week 9 - Week 12

Abs are the number one muscle group that trainees strive to improve year in and year out. They’re the centerpiece of a balanced, aesthetically pleasing physique, which is a sign of great conditioning and low body fat.

Peak Week

Week 13

So you’ve just completed a grueling 12 week cut and you can finally see your abs for the first time in your life. By following Peak Week, you too can learn the tricks of the trade that professional fitness models use to create the illusion of a dry, vascular and ripped physique.