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Fast Food Options for Bodybulders

Fast Food Options for Bodybulders — Don’t worry. Fast food won’t destroy you. Here are some great Fast Food Options for Bodybuilders.

If your goal is to build muscle, you know you need to eat. Eat often. And eat a lot! And it goes without saying that good food should always make up the majority of your eating plan! Good food like – high quality protein from chicken and egg whites, complex carbs from oatmeal and sweet potato and good for you fats such as nuts and avocado!

The only issue with eating clean all the time is that it can be hard to get that calorie count up. Luckily there are some really great fast food options for bodybuilders. Eating to gain muscle means you need to eat for the weight you want to be, not the weight you currently are. Which means eating more than you are use to.

Most hard gainers, find it difficult to get in all the calories they need, particularly if they have an ultra-fast metabolism. While you can definitely, accomplish this eating only good-for-you foods, it will be tough.

That’s where fast food comes into play. The occasional Fast Food meal can jack-up the calories, stimulate the hormones involved in appetite and metabolism, not to mention keep you feeling happy while dieting! That being said, do not make Fast Food a daily part of your meal plan.

Most fast food are high in saturated fat and sugars, which is not good for your health! Once a week, enjoy yourself, but try to make good choices, and whenever possible eat it after a workout when your body can get the most out of those extra calories.

So what makes a good choice? Here are a few tips to consider when making your fast food choice…


Most fast food places are not on the calorie friendly side! Whenever possible gravitate towards the lite menu options or anything with chicken or extra lean sirloin beef! Avoid deep-fried anything or menu items with the words double or triple in their name! Before you indulge, check out the menu and the nutritional values of the food on the restaurant’s website. This way you can be sure you are not calorie over-loading.


Whatever you eat, avoiding the cheese, bacon and mayo will definitely save you a few calories! Not to mention the saturated fat. Sandwich items with bacon and cheese, can bring the calorie count from 300 calories to more than double the calories! Instead stick with lots of fat-free condiments like relishes, mustard, pickles, lettuce and tomato.


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably seen the weight loss benefits of eating the “sub” diet. Do not replace all your food with subs, but instead of always getting a burger, try a sub as a healthier alternative. Stick with the 6″, chicken, a ton of veggies, hot peppers and onions. Avoid the meatball sub!


Instead of “supersizing it” opt for the regular sizes and in some instances ask for the smaller size. If you choose the double burger, don’t up your fry size too, get a small. You will save yourself some calories, while still satisfying your need for salty goodness! By carefully choosing the right menu items you can still enjoy your favourite fast food items, get your calorie needs satisfied, all while keeping to your muscle building goals.

So next time your buddies drag you to the the drive-through, don’t panic! Now that you know a few solid fast food options for bodybuilders – you’ll be just fine.

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