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Shake One

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High in What You Need, Low in What You Don’t

Shake One is high protein, high fibre, and high Vitamin D - without the added sugar. And because it’s specifically engineered to be your first meal of the day, it also has a proprietary Natural Caffeine Blend for an added perk that you won’t find in other protein shakes. And last but definitely not least, it’s delicious to an almost unbelievable point.

It’s All-In-One, and Then Some

Shake One is your first meal of the day. It replaces your breakfast. It replaces your coffee. And it replaces any agonizing concern that you just wasted 600 calories on a coffee shop breakfast wrap (PS. Did you know any additional timbits® you may consume have 90 calories each?)

Wake Up. Build Muscle. Burn Fat.

Shake One is the all-in-one solution to your diet’s biggest problem: “what’s the best way to start the day?” It has everything you need to help you immediately begin building muscle, burning fat, and fuelling your body with vital energy.