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ProSource Bar

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For twenty years, ProSource has led the way in researching, developing and formulating the world's most powerful and flavourful proteins. Now we've applied all of that expertise to the creation of a protein bar that will change forever your perception of what a protein bar can and should be.

Take one bite of a ProSource Bar and you'll recognize instantly that it's a spectacular breakthrough in protein bar taste and texture. The delightful snap of its crispy, crunchy protein wafers, the luscious smooth texture of its creamy protein filling, and the sweet chocolate coating all represent vast improvements over typical offerings in the category. The ProSource Bar is a light, tasty meal that will satisfy your cravings and fuel your active lifestyle!

The best proteins make for the best tasting bars, and the ProSource Bar is powered by proteins chosen specifically for their complete and highly bioavailable amino profiles. Its 15-gram protein blend consists of the highest-quality ultra-hydrolyzed whey protein and cold-processed micro-filtered whey protein isolate, along with a milk protein isolate packed with the complete spectrum of essential aminos. Don't let its delectable flavour fool you, this is high-powered nutrition!