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A Strong Finish Means a Stronger Start

Gritty, bar-bending workouts are what separate the men from the boys. They bend and break your muscles into a catabolic state, raising cortisol levels and depleting your energy reserves.

And as a result, your muscles are now stimulated. Ready to grow bigger and return stronger - but only if they have the nourishment they need.

Everything Your Muscles Crave - In One Scoop.

Post-Factor™ is much more than a protein shake. It's a fortified, carbohydrate and antioxidant-filled, fast-acting protein shake designed specifically to be taken after your next grueling workout. Oh yeah, it also comes with our trademarked XD Delivery system.

Let's face it, after your workout your blood is in your muscles, not your brain. The last thing you need to be worrying about is a food scale and a tackle box of capsules. Post-Factor™ is the only simple one-scoop solution formulated to help ensure your muscles benefit from your workout the way you intended.