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This is Going to Excite You.

Without exactly the right motivation, it can be difficult to initiate and maintain sexual desire. Luckily, your libido is highly responsive and can be ignited almost instantly. Impulse helps make sure that happens.

Give Your Natural Instinct a Nudge.

The American Medical Association estimates that millions of women suffer from female sexual arousal disorder. Impulse™ is specifically designed to support your libido and improve sexual desire.

You Don't Need to Wait for it to Happen.

Let's be honest about it, one of the greatest feelings in the world is that first moment of arousal in anticipation of pleasure. Emotionally, what causes it is different for all of us. But physiologically, it's very much the same. Impulse makes sure your body is happy and healthy so that incredible feeling can come at any time and at the flip of a switch.