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📦 COVID-19 Status: All Services Fully Operational - No Disruptions

Carnitine LCLT

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Fat Can Be an Unlimited Resource For Your Body

It has a high calorie value that is more than double that of protein or carbohydrates. Unfortunately it's locked up and unavailable. During a diet, your body holds a "death grip" on stored body fat, in fear that it may need every last bit of energy to save you from starvation!

Tapping into fat as fuel can be tricky since the body naturally goes first and foremost to glycogen, the stored form of sugar in your body. That's because it is far easier to convert glucose into energy, than it is for fat. Worst of all, when this resource dries up, metabolic muscle starts to look mighty appealing.

But With a Little Help This Problem Can be Solved

Carnitine transports stored body fat into cells to be burned off as energy, making it possible for you to burn more fat and hold onto metabolically charged muscle!

Carnitine LCLT™ contains carnitine-l-tartrate and is fortified with polyphenols from pomegranate. Clinical research shows the core ingredients found in Carnitine LCLT™ act to decrease free fatty acids by up to 29%.