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Congratulations! You're partially registered for the Body Systems Transformation Challenge™

This is what you must do now:

1. Visit your local Body Systems Nutrition before Sunday February 10, 2019 to purchase your transformation supplements package and secure your spot for Grand Prize consideration.

2. Download the materials on the Download Page (link below). These programs are the blueprints you need to build muscle and burn fat faster than you ever thought possible.

3. Prepare for your Before Photos. You must take your Before Photos on Sunday February 10, 2019, so be ready! You will need a newspaper, a blank background, and someone to take your picture.


Watch for emails from us over the next few days, and throughout your transformation. We're here to help and these email will contain tips, tricks, and advice for succeeding at the various stages throughout your 90 days. Congratulations on making an amazing choice. Just think how incredible you're going to look and feel only 90 days from now!

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