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📦 COVID-19 Status: All Services Fully Operational - No Disruptions



Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing.

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones in your body. The right amount helps every part of you look and feel great. But the wrong amount, specifically too much, can cause biological chaos.

Fight the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

Rhythm™ is specifically designed to fight the symptoms associated with estrogen dominance in women. The presence of too much estrogen in a woman's body has been linked to the following:

Decreased sex drive • Irregular or abnormal menstrual periods • Bloating and water retention • Breast swelling and tenderness • Premenstrual headaches • Mood swings • Irritability and depression • Weight gain around the hips and belly • Cold hands and feet • Hair loss • Thyroid dysfunction • Sluggish metabolism • Foggy thinking • Fatigue • Trouble sleeping • PMS

Get your body back to its natural rhythm

One way to decrease estrogen dominance is to follow a precisely measured diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. Another somewhat bizarre practice is to use transdermal bioidentical progesterone cream during specific phases of the moon (seriously). But if you'd prefer something that's faster, easier, and doesn't require an astronomy degree, we recommend Rhythm.